Monday, June 30, 2008

Raul Martinez

Here is a guy with probably the most difficult to pronounce name in the entire world. I don't know how many times I have said his name but every time it is a struggle. In my year of living in Mexico, I would frequently say simply, "Hey Man" instead of "Hey Raul!" Aside from that, he is a pretty fun guy to be around and has a heart for the people in the mountains.

He is married to Avelina and lives in Tequila with her and her family. When I first met him I did not like him very much because he was very mischievous and I couldn't understand his accent, sense of humor and I was a very judgmental and angry person. Raul is from Perote, which is a few hours north of Orizaba. I have never been there but I understand that the climate is very cool in comparison to the valley of Orizaba.

Over the year I stayed in Mexico, I began to get to know him better and although, we never were the best of friends, I began to see respect him more and to judge his actions less. I noticed that he never was one to dis-respect ladies or to have womanizing tendencies like most of us had down there. I saw him reading his Bible often and that he loved to listen to Christian music. I noticed that although he was very poor he would give you the shirt off his back if you were in need.

This example of love and humility from Raul and other believers in Mexico helped me see my selfishness and the need for a change in the way I was thinking about everything I had come to believe.


KevNess said...

Hi! I´m kevin from argentina, i was reading about raul and he looks like an example of life... i will read more of your blog to learn english, bye

bchasteen said...

Hi Kevin,

I am glad that you liked the article. Good luck with learning english!