Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reasons for Respecting my Mom

I was reading my mom's blog found here and noticed that she has a great sense of humor and a talent for writing.  These are some things you just don't notice when you grow up thinking your parents exist to meet your needs and put you through school.

Mom, "although, your point of view is somewhat different than mine, you speak intelligently about issues that are important to you."  My mom doesn't care what people thinks.  This can be a two-edged sword though.  I also respect the aptness that she has for learning.  Learning things like medical billing is about as easy for me as playing professional basketball.  But it seems that my mother can handle it.

God helps his children to learn to love and respect the people that they before cared little for.  God also helps his children to care not only for people closest to them, but also those that are different from them.  I see more and more the necesity of praying for others and the needs that people have for someone to come alongside them and disciple them.  God hasn't set us on this earth to write blogs or to study theology or to preach to everyone.  Jesus told Christians that they need to practice love toward other believers.  This is manifested in sacrificial service to others whether they return the favor or not (and also not mentioning it if they never do).

One subject I think needs to be addressed is the completely bone-headed way we men view women.  Man's lust teaches him to see a woman as an object to gratify a desire.  The more prideful he is the more he sees himself as a king that needs to be served.  No wonder we have men practicing all forms of sexual deviancy and seeking to involve women in it.  How many women have been pioneers in promoting sexual perversity?  None that I can think of.  But I guarantee that I can rattle off a dozen or more sexual miscreants that have been men.

Is the answer emasculating all the men?  That is probably the answer for the feminist.  God's answer however is different.  This will not be accomplished until Christ returns to reign over mankind as a whole and smashes all rule and authority that opposes Him.  For the people of God however, the answer for men is, submit and surrender your life, dreams, choices and fun to God, humble yourself before Him, repent of your sins (all of them.  not just the ones you feel you can live without) and subject your will to God's will, your life to Christ Jesus' life and your death to His death.

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