Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This is all the Russian I know, being as I don't know how to write it, only to say a few words that I learned from a Russian friend :)

Hello/Hi  = Previet
How are you? = Kak di la?
Good = Hada sho
Thanks = Spaciba
You're Welcome = Pajousta
I want = Ya jochu
My little = Mayah Malinkayah
    coffee = coyfe
    sweet = slahdast
Small = Malinki
Medium = Sdredñi
My name is... = Miña zabut...
What's your name? = Kak tibiah zabut?
In English...Po amgliski (o in Po is a long o)
Good morning = Dobrey otra (o pronounced like o in do)

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