Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm Sick.

No, I am not mentally insane. My stomach is. I am taking Pepto-Bismol (Max Strength) every hour or so in order that I don't get the runs. I am hopefully going to see a doctor tonight to get some much needed antibiotics. I really don't think this thing is going to get any better unless I get some serious medicine. I haven't been able to retain anything for about a week and am getting hungry. I have been living off of fruit juice, and eating chicken noodle soup. My house fellowship is going to eat pizza this week. Hope I can eat it with them. I fear however, that I will have to eat nothing at all or something that the doctor recommends instead.

It is no fun to be sick. I can't even go out to coffee shops and study because I have been mostly bed-ridden for the past week. This hasn't been fun but has been a chance for me to forcefully take some needed rest. We will see what happens next week. Will I live or die?

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