Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I took 3/4 bottle of Pepto Bismol last night and it may have fixed me. The problem is that if this is a bacterial infection, the Pepto won't help. I will eventually have to take some antibiotics and go see a doctor. I did have a chance to talk to a doctor briefly last night and he gave me some good advice. I was wanting him to write me a prescription for some antibiotics but it looks like I may be getting better. I am going to see what these next couple of days does.

On a lighter note, my pastor went to Mexico for some speaking engagements at one of the churches that we visit. He will be gone all this week. I believe he loves Mexico and the people all most as much as I do. Here is a link to his blog, You should read it if you have a second. I get excited every time I hear news about Mexico.

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