Friday, June 27, 2008


vicenteVicente is a man who lives in Tequila. He pulls his eyes out of his head if you give him some pesos. On my year stay in Mexico, we saw him several times in the downtown area.

His story is a little sad though. He was born into poverty, had no father or mother and couldn't see very well since he has been a child. He had to live off of whatever people would give him for many years but barely survived.

Along the way, he discovered that he could pop out his eyes and that people were fascinated by it and would pay money to see it. He has been able to support himself by doing this "carnival trick". The only problem is that years and years of doing this has left him nearly blind. I am thankful that I haven't had as hard of a life as Vicente has.

Some people are born in lives of luxury and some people are worse off than even him. The thing that God wants us to do is to be thankful no matter how our lives are. We should learn to be content with Him alone for our fulfillment.

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