Sunday, April 05, 2009

How Does One Translate Something?

I am finding out that translating things is very hard for me to do! I do notice however that the translation of terms into Ingles is much easier if I PRAY beforehand! There are many terms in English that are impossible to translate directly into Spanish. Because the English language is so subject to change and we have reduced our vocabulary so much, we have been able to make a slang term for almost everything. While slang terms exist in Spanish, they are different from English and vary from country to country.

Most people who have an education frown upon them and you most certainly can't use them in translating a published work. So, one must come up with a way to grab the meaning of the english expression and translate it to Spanish.

I wonder if the Bible translators had this problem. If so, I can see where some parts of the Bible could be hard to understand if you don't do your research. Also, word-for-word translation may not work perfectly if the slang term is not translated properly. Nevertheless, the Bible has been very well translated in almost every literal translation that I know of. I say this not because I can read Greek but because those who do proper hermenutical study of the Bible have been able to understand almost every passage of the Bible without a vast knowledge of the origional language.

I can say this much. I definetly have great respect for any Bible translator or any tranlator in general. This is no easy undertaking. Also, a caution to anyone who wants to be relevant to anyone who doesn't speak your same language is to not use more slang terms or made-up on the spot words like "Churchianity". Even the term, "putting off and putting on" is easily understood in English but difficult to translate the meaning into Spanish.

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