Thursday, December 23, 2010

Michael Card - Slave of, and Fool for Christ

John MacArthur recently published a book with the title, "Slave". This concept of course is found throughout the New Testament and should have been very familiar to the Christians of the First Century. Michael Card has the following to say on his website regarding a new book that he will be coming out with soon:
When Michael Card first started attending an African American church, he was struck by how the congregation worshiped Jesus as "Master." He soon learned that during slavery, calling Jesus "Master" was a subtle way of saying that their earthly masters were not their true Master. This insight led Card on a journey of discovery, as he wondered, "What did it mean for African American slaves to acknowledge Jesus as Master? What did Paul, Peter, Jude and James mean when they acknowledged themselves as Christ's slaves? What would it mean for you and me to take upon ourselves the title 'slave of Christ'?" A Better Freedom explores the biblical imagery of slavery as a metaphor for Christian discipleship. Michael Card shows how the early church saw Greco-Roman slavery as a window into understanding Jesus both as the Savior who took on the form of a slave, but also the true Lord and Master who sets us free from our own slavery to sin. Come, let yourself be captured by the Master. And discover how you can be truly set free.

Now Michael invites us to be a fool for Christ. Jesus was thought of as a fool, the early Christians were thought foolish for trusting their eternal salvation to a crucified man. They trusted Him for their salvation from their sins both now and forever. But they had to become slaves of a man that most people thought was a fool and who Himself became a slave to His Father to subject His will to His Father and not have any of His own. Please listen carefully to the song below.

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