Thursday, January 05, 2012

Mom's Blog: Progressive Thinking Without Jesus?

I think my mom is the funniest person in the world. I was reading her blog and came across this paragraph:
"Before you read this blog, I think that I should remind my readers of a little problem that I have with writing, I can't spell! I usually remember to use my dear friend Webster, because spellcheck just doesn't work, especially, if you come close to correctly spelling the word. I, for some strange and unknowing reason, have what I term a sleep spellcheck. It seems that a little part of my mind reels at night and when I wake up the day after I have written my blog, and think about what I may have spelled incorrectly, then some word will come to my mind. Yesterday it was effort, which I first spelled effect. Today it is interruptions, which should have been spelled interpretations. Yeah! I agree with you, it is something from thetwilight zone, but it works. Makes me wonder if I am the one really writing this blog!"
But for all the humor, she can say some things that truly highlight the problem with the world today.  We are all out there thinking that if we were only in charge, the world would be a better place.  But read the following quote, taking special note of the last sentence: "I hate the injustices, but I know that no matter how hard we work at making them right, there are always going to be new ones springing up. You might say well we will just keep fixing them! This is all good and well, and deserves true effort to right any injustice we see which needs attention; however, I believe that our world has always been on an endless treadmill of injustices that have never been fixed, nor will ever be fixed without God and His Son Jesus Christ. Injustices come from within our own souls."

She said, "Injustices come from within our own souls."  This is the idea that James had when he said, "Where do wars and where do fights among you come from? Isn't it from your pleasures that are warring in your bodily members?  You desire something and don't have it. You murder and envy and still can't obtain it. You fight and you war. You don't have because you don't ask! You don't receive when you do ask, since you ask wrongly—to waste it on your pleasures." James 4:1-3 (CCNT)

Wars and fights in this world come from wicked people with selfish hearts that want what they want and don't care what it takes to get it.  If someone gets in the way, they will step on them to get it.  It doesn't matter how vile the desire is, they will make sure that eventually they may obtain it.

Another quote says, "Man centered thinking became disguised as God centered thinking, which then took hold and has never let go throughout man's life on earth. Because of this, there have always been and are still today many people, like Dr. Zinn, who are constantly trying to right the injustices that are in our world."  I have no idea who Dr. Zinn is but it sounds like he is one of those people preaching against injustices in this world.  This is not the Christian message.  The Christian message tells people suffering injustice to endure it while we remember Jesus who endured but did not lash out.  He continued doing the will of God no matter what others around him were doing.  What they did made no difference to Him.  He went on anyway in obedience to His Father all the way to the cross.

This is a very insightful comment about Karl Marx:
"I just read a piece about Karl Marx's life, and although his rhetoric may make sense to the working class now, it will not satisfy their needs for a better future. Should socialist and communist succeed in progression toward trying to equalize world economics and somewhat giving all people a chance for economic equality, I think people will dry up like prunes. Marx had everything growing up. His family was wealthy and could afford to send him to a great college. He had a lot of leisure time to drink, socialize, and form his opinions about the human condition. What I think he might have considered is that the system that made his life possible was the system he was trying to crush. He may not have wanted material things anymore, but he still wanted something-- to create an ideal society."
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