Monday, January 09, 2012

Repentance - A.W. Pink

Arthur Walkington Pink lived from 1886-1952.  He was an evangelist and a Biblical scholar.  Born in England, he became a Christian in his early twenties.  He attended Moody Bible Institute in 1916 and pastored several churches throughout the United States and also lived in Australia, pastoring two churches from 1925-1928.  He returned to England in 1934 and began writing books and pamphlets for the remainder of his life and died in Scotland in 1952.

Among other things, Pink taught on repentance. 

Audio: "Repentance:  What Saith the Scriptures?" Part 1 | Part 2Click Here to go to the webpage.
Pamphlet: Repent or Perish.  Click Here.
Book: Repentance. Click Here.

Other Sermons/Books/Pamphlets by A.W. Pink, Click Here.

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