Friday, November 08, 2013

Meeting Needs

When we struggle with sexual sin (or whatever sin which dominates our life) chances are, we are concerned primarily with meeting our own needs.  We have put the focus on ourselves and what we don't have at this particular moment.  For the Christian however, his life is supposed to be focused, not merely on his own needs, but also the needs of others.  Is there any wonder why a Christian is unhappy?  I would venture to say that he is unhappy because he is focused on his needs and why others aren't being considerate of him.  He feels that he has given so much and wants a little in return.  His problem is, not that he hasn't received anything, but the many things he has received he has not been appreciative of.

Man is constantly trying to obtain just one more thing.  Maybe it is a relationship or a possession or some kind of esteem from others.  Whatever it may be, a man will totally discount all his other blessings and destroy his life over the one thing that he has not yet obtained. This is really like spitting at God in His face saying, "I don't care what all you've given me.  I want this!"

Maybe the right prayer to pray isn't, "God please show me your will in this matter."  When you find yourself wanting something you don't have but, "God please show me who you want me to help today."  This is the prayer that God delights in answering.

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