Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feeling Better, Getting Yard Work Done

I was excited to read Chet III's blog again today. I was feeling better at work and got a lot of stuff done on the PP website that I am working on. I am learning a lot about programming in php that I hope to use for something in the future.

When I got home, I actually was feeling good enough to wash clothes and do a little yard-work. I raked, moved rocks, sprayed round-up and cut down bamboo canes. I am learning that I can't work myself to hard if I expect to keep going for a long time. I over-worked myself these last months (which I don't regret) and God allowed this to let me see that instead of getting rid of these good things I am able to do, to eliminate areas of my life that bear no fruit. One is the area of my website and another is an area of a side job that I took on some months ago. It has really been a drain on my ability to do other things that help others.

Sometimes things that I do seem good at first but I find out that they don't bear fruit and I have to get rid of them. Maybe you have something like that in your life? There is a trick to it though. You won't find out until you give up your will in place of God's.

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